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In this phase you'll analyze and document the results, outcomes and impact of your challenge. You'll explore ways to stay engaged with solvers. You'll also consider what to do next with high-potential solutions, whether it's moving them into an "accelerator" or exploring other avenues to transition solutions from "prizes to procurement."

Other Phases

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5.1 Document Metrics, Results and Outcomes

Now that you've awarded prizes, it's critical that you document how well your challenge achieved the intended goals and outcomes you prioritized in the "Prepare" phase. This step will help you document any relevant metrics, including the data required by the biennial report to Congress.

5.2 Document the Challenge

Wrap up all of what you've learned and experienced in a final batch of challenge documentation. This documentation can take many forms, and the resources provided in this step offer some templates and examples.

5.3 Complete Required Reporting

Good reporting isn't just useful—it may also be required. Get a head start on your reporting—especially if you use the America COMPETES prize authority—with the resources offered in this step.

5.4 Continue Community Engagement

It often takes time after a prize has been awarded for impacts to be fully realized. For this reason, this step in the challenge process is critical to maintain an ongoing dialog with winners and other stakeholders to understand the impacts of the challenge over the longer term.

5.5 Manage Solutions

A prize competition can serve many purposes;  in some cases you are addressing a specific problem, but you may also have broader goals such as spurring innovation.  This step will help you consider options to manage the solutions after the competition is over, whether you are planning to implement them yourself or  promote them broadly.

5.6 Share Best Practices and Results

The prizes and challenges community relies heavily on best practices from its members. Compared with other, more established fields, there is relatively little "standardized" knowledge, and the community will benefit greatly from your work during this step.