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Information and resources to guide federal
employees working on challenges and prizes

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Project Planning Phases

Find detailed information on every phase of project planning and execution.

Challenge Types

Find detailed information on every type of challenge.


Analytics, visualization and algorithm challenges focus on finding better ways to interpret or communicate data.


Creative design and multimedia challenges can help agencies capture, communicate and project a concept or aesthetic that would be difficult to achieve with a grant or contract.


Entrepreneurship or business plan challenges are competitions used by government, universities and private sector organizations to help train and equip entrepreneurs, as well as launch their ventures.


An ideation challenge supports new ways of understanding and framing problems, new processes to solve problems, and innovative implementations as solutions to problems.


Scientific challenges seek to promote the understanding of a problem, solution or outcome using empirical or measurable evidence-based practices.


In a software and app development challenge, an organization asks solvers to create a software application to solve an existing problem or draw attention to potential uses of available datasets.


Technology demonstration and hardware challenges seek prototypes or fully developed solutions to catalyze and demonstrate breakthrough technical innovations.

Case Studies

Examples of excellence in the government challenge community.