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The Challenge.gov platform is available at no cost to all federal agencies to help them list their challenge and prize competitions and learn how to engage the public through this innovative approach.

Through the Challenge.gov site, the public can find all publicly promoted challenge competitions taking place across the federal government and participate in those programs that are of interest to them.

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Challenge Community of Practice

Thinking about running a challenge and prize competition at your agency, but really want to talk to someone who has done it? Better yet, want to talk to somebody at your own agency, or someone who has run the same type of challenge you want to run?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Challenges and Prizes Community of Practice is for you!

Members of the Challenges and Prizes COP gather about four times a year to share ideas, review best practices, and discuss policies and procedures. Membership and participation is open to federal, state, and local government. We host a listserv for members to ask questions, announce new challenges and prizes, voting opportunities, challenge results and impact, events, research, resources, and more.

Who We Are

The Challenges and Prizes Community of Practice is an inter-agency group of more than 700 U.S. government professionals encouraging innovation in government by promoting challenges, prizes, contests, and competitions through public crowdsourcing.


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Toolkit Technical Team

Contact us at team@challenge.gov.