The app described in this white paper will perform scheduling that "satisf[ies] all the hard constraints and minimize[es] the medium and soft constraints." It matches worker priorities with organizational needs, taking into account both the requirements of the position and the different skills and preferences of the workers, which may change over time for an individual. In addition, training and development opportunities are built into the solution; a worker's willingness to take advantage of these opportunities will expand that individual's options. The proposed system is a "timetabling" app, akin to one used for course scheduling, and has two major components:

• The system embraces the reality of continually evolving workforce needs and has at its core the flexibility to adapt to different worker skills, preferences, and priorities throughout the stages of the worker's career while providing training and development opportunities as needed.

• The system application will implement an innovative and individualized skills and needs matching algorithm that is far superior to current relatively simplistic filtering schemes.