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Consequently, please read my ENTIRE concept submission file "RIM-CareerCompass-Submission-2.pdf" [which incorporates the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, PREFACE, ATTACHMENT-0, ATTACHMENT-1, and ATTACHMENT-2]. It is properly formatted and includes URLs for relevant references. ATTACHMENT-1 and ATTACHMENT-2 contain the KEY narratives for my Career Compass IDEA submission.


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FYI: The text which is included below (within this "Description" section) consists of only the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY and the PREFACE which are just 2 of the 5 parts of my entire concept submission file "RIM-CareerCompass-Submission-2.pdf" which I uploaded herewith (together with the file ATTACHMENT-0.pdf and the file RIM-nsf1515.pdf).


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AI-GUIDED Self-DIRECTED Human Capital Development (HCD)

by Richard Isaac Martinez, Ph.D.





After ALL the Human LEARNING modalities [which are detailed within STEPS 1-3 below (ATTACHMENT-0 provides a visual representation)] have been actualized and promulgated, each person anywhere in the world will be empowered and enabled to develop oneself to the limits of each person's God-given talents and abilities via seamlessly-well-integrated ADAPTIVE Artificial-Intelligence (AI) modules which guide/enable/facilitate each person's Self-DIRECTED, LIFELONG, CONTINUOUS "AI-AUGMENTED Individualized Human LEARNING", thereby CONTINUALLY building upon each person's skills and interests (ages 3-103).


The OVERARCHING, all-inclusive mechanism for Human Capital Development (HCD), which is detailed within STEPS 1-3 below, "rapidly enables an individual to match their skills and interests to current and future work opportunities, leveraging advanced technologies which incorporate learning and development needs (traditional, non-traditional, and experiential), and that provides direct access to options for obtaining the relevant expertise to ready the individual for the chosen work".

 My continuous workforce-development solution will (a) enable both "continuous workforce reskilling" and "increased mobility" and (b) be "available to anyone, at any time, from any device, in any location, and from any socioeconomic or educational background".

 The competitive advantage of my approach is self-evident: BUILD ONCE the requisite ADAPTIVE AI modules for "AI-AUGMENTED Individualized Human LEARNING", then USE FOREVER the ADAPTIVE AI modules co-created uniquely for "AI-AUGMENTED Individualized Human LEARNING".


STEP-1: Actualize the NOVEL, INNOVATIVE, TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNER-centric paradigm (viz., "AI-AUGMENTED Individualized Human LEARNING") as is detailed in ATTACHMENT-1 below.


STEP-2: As is detailed in ATTACHMENT-2 below, our Transformative "AI-AUGMENTED Individualized Human LEARNING" paradigm from STEP-1 will enable US to "Stand in the Future TODAY!" by enabling [and funding via SELF-SUSTAINING global Public/Private ALLIANCES among ALL Academic, Corporate, and Government entities] each person's Self-DIRECTED, INDIVIDUALIZED, PERSONALIZED, LIFELONG, CONTINUOUS Human Capital Development (HCD) which enables each person's CONTINUAL, Meaningful, Lifelong, Socioeconomically-Significant and Substantive, Career-oriented Employment and Reskilling PLUS career MOBILITY among the member entities of the global Public/Private ALLIANCES cited above.


STEP-3: Roll out for general use (initially by all NSF employees, then the entire federal workforce, and ultimately all workers worldwide) the seamlessly-well-INTEGRATED technological tools/solutions and Human Capital Development (HCD) resources developed and actualized in STEPS 1 and 2 above. 









A. Most (if not ALL) PERSONS typically involved in education/training/reskilling (e.g., teachers, professors, tutors, mentors, peers, family, etc.) will be SUPPLANTED (whenever viable) by AI modules which MUST enable Human LEARNERS to (i) collaborate remotely with one another and (ii) consult the AI modules' virtual "Guides-on-the-Side" and/or several actual or virtual "Expert Guides" [via Virtual Face-to-Face (VF2F) videochats] only when absolutely necessary because a Human LEARNER is stumped and needs guidance in order to progress further].

 Moreover, such AI modules, once developed, can be disseminated worldwide in any language by using some virtual language translator (viz., something much more advanced than Google Translate).



Unfortunately, my ultimate altruistic intention for ALL Human LEARNERS worldwide (especially in underdeveloped countries where the IMF and World Bank and one(dot)laptop(dot)org are providing some of the requisite resources) will probably be misconstrued by some, especially since I use the word SUPPLANT above/below. However, my LEARNER-centric paradigm for Human Capital Development (HCD) necessitates (per Human LEARNER) many more teachers, professors, tutors, mentors, etc. than will ever exist on Earth, so my true intention is to "CLONE" (algorithmically; NOT biologically) via AI the TRULY and UNIQUELY OUTSTANDING teachers, professors, tutors, mentors, etc. so that each Human LEARNER will ALWAYS have a VIRTUAL (and/or ACTUAL) "Guide-on-the-Side" for EACH LEARNING MOMENT (as I wished I had had for myself when I was a child growing up in an intellectually-vacuous world).



B. Please use "AI module" to replace (whenever viable) a PERSON wherever one is mentioned in ATTACHMENT-2.

 ATTACHMENT-2 is the core/basis of the new LEARNER-centric paradigm designed to almost entirely SUPPLANT the current OBSOLETE, TEACHER-centric paradigm, especially since its INEQUITY DAMAGES Human LEARNERS (see omniscihcd(dot)net/Cage-BustingLeadership(dot)pdf and omniscihcd(dot)net/USA-STEM-WorldRank(dot)pdf).



C. ALL Self-DIRECTED, AI-GUIDED experiential/practicum Human LEARNING will be via ADAPTIVE AI-driven SIMULATORS [such as are currently used, e.g., (i) for airline pilot training in AI-driven flight simulators, (ii) for AI-driven robotic-surgery-training of surgeons, (iii) for AI-driven lab-experiments' simulators for labs' training of prospective STEM majors, etc.].





1. The societally-transformative proposal detailed herein (for NSF's Career Compass Challenge)

 is perfectly aligned/congruent with the "American Artificial Intelligence Initiative"

which was just launched on 2019-2-11 by President Trump's Executive Order

to "devote the full resources of the federal government" to fuel AI innovation (whitehouse(dot)gov/articles/accelerating-americas-leadership-in-artificial-intelligence/ ; tinyurl(dot)com/y27dqttn ; tinyurl(dot)com/yx9b2xbw)

 is crucial for our National Security (especially against China and Russia)

 is comparable in scope to our "Manhattan Project" and "Moon Shot" [viz., a project of immense scale/magnitude (and immense societal consequence)]

 is a multiyear GRAND CHALLENGE (probably 5-20 years under the best of conditions)

 will actualize continuously-supported (NOT continually-supported), autonomous Human LEARNING and competence building plus relatedness among varied autonomous Human LEARNERS

 necessitates several teams of world-class experts who each possess broad ranges of expertise in the relevant STEM/STEAM fields

 The requisite expertise to actualize this proposal will be provided by whichever teams of world-class experts win the NSF competition for

(i) Part 2 of NSF's Career Compass Challenge competition (challenge(dot)gov/a/buzz/challenge/86/ideas/top) and/or

(ii) nsf(dot)gov/news/special_reports/nsf2026ideamachine/index(dot)jsp .

 I have no relevant expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) or autonomous Machine Learning (ML) to actualize what I envision/imagineer in this proposal, which I've submitted for Part 1 of NSF's Career Compass Challenge competition (challenge(dot)gov/a/buzz/challenge/86/ideas/top).

 My expertise (omniscihcd(dot)net/CV(dot)pdf) is in STEM Research, STEM Research Training, STEM Research Infrastructure, and STEM Education Policy (especially with reference to Human LEARNING).


2. ALL interactions between a Human LEARNER and the requisite AI-module(s) will be via some sort of extremely-sophisticated, AI-driven Automatic Speech Recognition systems (ASR; en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Speech_recognition) and AI-driven Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR; en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Interactive_voice_response) which will be much more advanced than current ASR and IVR systems, such that it will enable a level of interaction between a Human LEARNER and the requisite AI-module(s) equivalent to what is currently achieved by a Human LEARNER interacting directly with a Human instructor (e.g., teacher, professor, tutor, mentor, peer, family member, etc.).

 IMAGINE a Human LEARNER who has, in EVERY LEARNING MOMENT, whichever teacher, tutor, mentor, AI-driven simulator, etc. which the Human LEARNER needs in order to LEARN whatever the Human LEARNER NEEDS/WANTS to LEARN in EACH LEARNING MOMENT. The latter is what I envision will be accomplished by AI-modules which "CLONE" (algorithmically; NOT biologically) all the requisite teachers, tutors, mentors, AI-driven simulators, etc. which each Human LEARNER needs in EACH MOMENT.


3. This 2017 Nature research-journal article (nature(dot)com/articles/s41539-017-0016-3?WT(dot)feed_name=subjects_social-sciences) proposes some "next steps" for future micro-MOOC development, but unfortunately, when compared to the overarching LEARNER-centric paradigm proposed herein, the Nature article's perspective re individualized, personalized, one-on-one Human LEARNING is moot, especially since it still relies primarily on the OBSOLETE, TEACHER-centric paradigm on which even the currently-emerging micro-MOOCs are still based. Interestingly, the latter research article mentions Virtual Learning Companions [VLCs; such as the Jill Watson AI teaching assistant which is built on top of the IBM Watson platform at Georgia Institute of Technology] as a personalization component.

 There's no MOOC or micro-MOOC (as currently designed) which can accomplish what I envision in my proposal for continuously-supported (NOT continually-supported), autonomous Human LEARNING and competence building plus relatedness to other autonomous Human LEARNERS.

 Nonetheless, the last 3 paragraphs of the Nature article are relevant to the types of issues which will have to be addressed by teams of world-class experts during the actualization of the LEARNER-centric paradigm proposed herein.


4. With reference to skilling and re-skilling (and the future of work), please consider a crucial real-life example: viz., the re-skilling/transformation from (i) the era (Era1) prior to Doug Engelbart's "Mother of all Demos" in 1968 (en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/The_Mother_of_All_Demos) to (ii) the era (Era2) that began circa 1970 with Vint Cerf's TCP/IP ARPANET experiments while he was at UCLA (en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/ARPANET).

 Please note that my proposed LEARNER-centric paradigm that's detailed herein can handle skilling and re-skilling ONLY within a given knowledge-based era (e.g., Era1 OR Era2).

 It cannot ever foresee/imagineer the skill sets that will be needed to INITIATE (and while undergoing) the transformation from one previous era to another new/future era (e.g., Era1 TO Era2).

 Consequently, the AI-modules which form the core/basis of my proposed

LEARNER-centric paradigm will have to be automatically updated to incorporate the skill sets which become self-evident (and eventually commonplace) as each new era develops.

 Most persons are consciously aware of what they know.

Some persons are consciously aware of what they do NOT know.

Almost no one is consciously aware of what they do NOT know that they do NOT know [and luckily, for the few visionaries of each era (like Doug Engelbart), this is where one can discover the infinite new possibilities that eventually might usher in a new era].


5. Within this proposal, I contrast my proposed LEARNER-centric paradigm versus the current OBSOLETE, TEACHER-centric paradigm.

 I do NOT ever criticize/condemn/exclude teachers, especially since my LEARNER-centric paradigm necessitates (per Human LEARNER) many more teachers, professors, tutors, mentors, etc. than will ever exist on Earth.

 In fact, as I asserted above, my true intention is to "CLONE" (algorithmically; NOT biologically) via AI the TRULY and UNIQUELY OUTSTANDING teachers, professors, tutors, mentors, etc. so that each Human LEARNER will ALWAYS have a VIRTUAL (and/or ACTUAL) "Guide-on-the-Side" for EACH LEARNING MOMENT.