Modular Identification, Location, and Humane Optical Disruptor MILHOD


MILHOD primarily designed for three roles:

1) Mapping, locating and relaying the environment, precision location of enemy and friendly forces in GPS-denied environments

2) Humane Optical disruption of enemy in close quarters and mid-range infantry engagements via sub-second AI aimed and fired optical disrupting laser.

3) Laser target designator and or radio/laser relay of enemy location for follow on weapon attack.


Size: approx., two smart phones

MILHOD is envisioned as a modular device, wearable by the infantry, attached to a K-9, a drone, a vehicle, rifle or deployed like a grenade or a claymore, or dropped from an aircraft or other vehicle

MILHOD is comprised of: Lasers, Optical sensors, LIDAR, Radar, echolocation, microphones, internal state sensors, magnetometers and the ability to add or remove sensors as needed. Its AI software and hardware are designed for constant refinement and improvement with on the fly updates.