David Anderson | 2 weeks ago

There is an emergence of atom-based RF/THz technologies that encompass RF/THz field detection, imaging, communication and signal generation. While the underlying fundamental physics in this area has substantial roots in US-funded basic research, elsewhere there is an ongoing upsurge in national initiatives towards applications of this research in surveillance, reconnaissance and RF target identification (spearheaded by the European Union and Asian countries). Field-ready technologies that may result from these development efforts address needs in advanced RF detection and imaging, multi-channel radar applications such as phased arrays, hybrid SAR and phased arrays or Vernier arrays for higher data throughput. Rydberg Technologies Inc., a company founded in 2015, is a developer of atom-based RF/THz field sensing instrumentation technology. Here, it is proposed to leverage core expertise in atomic RF technology to develop an atomic wide-band RF imager and display providing augmented RF situational awareness and surveillance capability. The RF camera is comprised of a primary collector with an integrated focal-plane RF/THz sensing pad for RF/THz field and phase detection located in the periphery of the deployment platform. Depending on specific needs, the installation can be concealed, and its angular pointing vector linked with the operator's commands. The operator commands are interfaced with the RF/THz detection unit's pointing hardware via a joystick, similar control system, or 'virtual-reality' RF goggles. The RF goggles incorporate a gyroscopic sensor to point the RF/THz imaging hardware according to the operator's head movements, for a real-time display of the RF landscape as a semi-transparent overlay over the visual.