Station IX is a large proprietary immersive display environment that makes use of purpose-built mirrors to show 3-dimensional data & real-time images to groups of people in a collaborative fashion. Anyone that has viewed the environment in person can attest to its unmatched richness of detail and depth – essentially a "shared virtual reality experience" without the need for any head-mounted devices (but complementary to these platforms). The platform is an ideal solution match for US Army Future Technology Areas Soldier Lethality (Training & Asymmetric Vision & Decide Faster Technology) and Military Engineering Technologies (Map-based mission planning with real time plug & play).

The high-quality, visually accurate image virtually eliminates eye strain, fatigue, dizziness and other shortcomings of CAVE platforms, VR goggles and traditional display devices. This allows users to interact with the environment for periods of time much greater than with other devices, thus making it suitable for image-quality sensitive training applications and also for use during actual military operations.

Designed as an open architecture, Station IX comes with a full-featured SDK combined with "Plug and Play" support for virtually any simulation content image generator and the capability to insert a nearly unlimited number of virtual 2D monitors contribute to a near turn-key solution for building. Station IX can host distributed simulations exercises and can also be networked with other Station IX devices for applications such distributed mission operations.