Great Lakes Sound and Vibration (GLSV) has developed an active noise cancellation (ANC) system that provides noise reduction capabilities in military ground vehicles beyond current state of the art. The GLSV ANC system has been demonstrated on U.S. military ground vehicle exhaust systems, successfully reducing low frequencies to levels unattainable with conventional treatments of reasonable size. GLSV is now developing the technology to reduce fan noise, resulting in a complete system capable of controlling major exterior and interior noise in military ground vehicles. The system is unique in that it tracks dominant noise frequencies and implements cancellation at or near the noise source to reduce noise levels globally. By actively tracking the noise sources and providing precisely tuned treatment (as opposed to passive treatments that are tuned for a broad range of operating conditions), the system is much more power-dense than conventional noise treatments. The ANC system is easily calibrated to each system or application, which eliminates the need for engineering efforts to design acoustic treatments for specific platforms or applications. The ANC system has been developed as an add-on feature, providing the unique ability to treat noise issues late in the vehicle development cycle, which is a critical asset to new vehicle programs where noise performance is usually addressed after critical functionality has been developed and tested.