This project will focus on combining augmented reality (AR) and millimeter wave (mmWave) imaging to help soldiers augment visual perception and see hidden objects around corners. Millimeter waves are high frequency signals (30-300GHz) that reflect strongly from most building surfaces, including walls, doors, etc, and enable imaging of hidden features that could pose a threat to a soldier. However, mmWaves are not directly visible with the human eye and appropriate visualization methods are needed. We will use AR goggles to project the hidden objects onto the real world in a manner that is easily perceivable and does not interfere with the soldier's tasks and activities. As such, the soldier will be equipped with an ultralight, wearable millimeter radar camera that collects the non-line-of-sight information and AR goggles to project the hidden objects in the real world. For example, the AR will transform a wall into a mirror and project on that surface the non-line-of-sight threat. The research team will implement algorithms that will help pair the mmWave radar camera and the AR goggles and develop imaging methods to appropriate place and project the hidden features in the real world. The methods will be tested using a realistic mockup indoor environment.